• Don't panic even if you accidentally sent your files to the wrong person

    Have you ever accidentally sent a resume or a salary list to the wrong person and then made... an unsuccessful attempt to recall the email? With DigitalQuick, even if they have your file or the permissions to open it, you can remove them as a shared member or change permissions so that they are unable to access that file.

  • Have the ability to keep others from editing your presentation

    For those who routinely convert documents like presentations or invoices into PDF files to... make them un-editable, DigitalQuick can block users from making edits to MS Office and Text files and even disable the print option, all in the native application.

  • Do you feel safe about your passwords being stored in Dropbox?

    You store your passwords, account numbers, or credit card images in Dropbox, often for easy... sharing or to make them available wherever you are. But do you feel safe about your files stored in Dropbox unprotected? With seamless integration for Dropbox, DigitalQuick makes the cloud storage safe and easy to use.

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